Source and stock private party vehicles

StockSource will accelerate inventory turn and increase profit

Why choose StockSource to help you acquire private party cars?

In today’s hyper competitive and gross challenged market, stocking the right vehicles has never been more important. StockSource can help you leverage private party sellers as part of your acquisition program.

Don’t rely on instinct, source the right vehicles based on your market

Target by vehicle segments and pricing buckets to dial in your buying program

Augment your auction buying program with private sellers to expand your inventory

Find the cars that drive gross profit and get a competitive sourcing advantage

You have tools and tech that tell you what inventory mix will drive gross profit in your market, but you end up competing for these vehicles and having to pay up in a competitive auction environment. Flip the script by accessing a healthy supply of private party vehicles in your market area.

Right vehicles for your dealership

Use your tech and tools to identify the vehicles that will turn in your market, then snap into action.

Right way to source vehicles

Get a competitive advantage on sourcing vehicles so you can maintain a steady supply of the right vehicles.

Right prices for your profit goals

Tap into a rich source of inventory supply of inventory at competitive prices and leverage your buying advantage.

Large SUV
$0,000 - $10,000


$10,000 - $15,000


$15,000 - $20,000


Subcompact Car
$0,000 - $10,000


$10,000 - $15,000


$15,000 - $20,000


You know your market and what vehicles work at your dealership

StockSource is there to help you purchase the vehicles that work in your market. Tapping into our steady supply of private sellers gives you a competitive advantage, helping you turn vehicles more quickly for more money.

Identify what works in your market

You know your market, and you have tech and tools which help you identify ideal inventory mix. Use those tools to optimize your private party buying targets.

We bring the private sellers

We bring an extensive network of private party sellers to the table. Our sellers are in market, active in selling their vehicle, and are prime targets to round out your inventory stocking needs.

Appraisal appointments that convert

Leverage our highly trained automotive BDC to drive appraisal appointments which convert. We build trust with private sellers which improves show rates for a strong acquisition program.

Step up on the right cars

You know your retail market and customer better then anyone, so you know which you can step up on. You’re in control of which vehicles you buy, and how much you pay, giving you control the make deals.

No Prior Purchase Required

Anyone is eligible to use StockSource, and there is no requirement that you use another inventory tool.

No Contract Required

With all StockSource products, there is no contract required. We are prepared to make you a believer everyday.

Performance Consultant

Every StockSource customer gets a dedicated performance consultant to set you up for success.

You got questions?

We’ve got answers. Below are the most frequent questions we get about our program. Likely you will have a million more, which is great, so please contact us using the form below and we will get in touch!

  • How does your program work?

    You tell us which vehicles you want to buy, using the inventory management tools that you use everyday. We map to your acquisition buckets, then we identify if those vehicles are being sold in the private market in your area. We set the appraisal appointments, then you do what you do best.

  • Substantially less than buying a comparable vehicle at auction. We don’t charge a monthly subscription, and you only pay for qualified seller appointments. Our goal is to make this your most cost-efficient acquisition channel.

  • There is no limit, its entirely based on your inventory needs and availability of your target vehicles in your market. Some dealers focus on and have success turning sellers into buyers, so they view these as highly qualified showroom ups in addition to vehicle acquisition opportunities.

  • Yes, we integrate with most CRM data formats, and you can choose to receive your appraisal appointments by email, text, or both. If you have a BDC, we will even help you with templates and talk tracks.

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